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        Hello, Welcome to visit Anhui Maanshan Zhicheng Machine & Electric Co.,Ltd.! ?

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        national hotline0555-3151761
        Top search: 850 cold cutting machine Length machine Cold flying shear

        Maanshan Zhicheng Machine & Electric Co.,Ltd.

        Contact: jian-hua Yang


        Address: Maanshan horry huashan district town village in yellow

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          Company set technology research and development, production and manufacturing, computer information, trade as one of the modern enterprise. There are about 80 employees. 2 senior engineers, engineers 12 people, intermediate above title 28 technicians, strong technical force. Manufacturing plant covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, all kinds of large and medium-sized processing equipment more than 50 sets of heat treatment, welding, and high precision testing equipment complete. Mainly engaged in all kinds of metallurgical equipment, lifting equipment, environmental equipment, general mechanical and electrical equipment, non-standard equipment design and manufacturing. At present, the company has a number of patents, mainly metallurgical products have rod wire cut cooling bed, cold, cold, length flying shear machine, mill series, finishing equipment, great profile in water cooling, air cooling equipment, converter system equipment, a series of continuous casting equipment... 【Click to see more】

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